Aloha Homes & Developments
At Aloha Homes we are designers and innovators offering our full entrepreneurial services to our customers.

We have been leading real estate and commercial projects for many years. Throughout the career of our partners and our Founders we have developed several of the most renowned real estate sites and public places in Luxembourg.

We have created, owned and developed some of the most upscale restaurants, clubs and bars in Luxembourg and abroad.
One of the many milestones of our developments is the refurbishing of the Luxembourg-Grund.

Ed Sauer and his Teams have renovated whole quarters of the medieval and historic Grund district.

Most recently, he led and sealed the Hollerich Catclub project with its Partners. A real estate transaction of 15,000 m² from the first plan to the transaction.
We offer unique and exclusive projects in the Grand Duchy.

Design, quality and excellence
are the main objectives of Aloha Homes & Developments.

Aloha Homes will help you the first paper lines to design your idea and to build your dream to reality. Our complete services integrate design and development of new or old residential projects.

We are in contact with the main financial institutions and insurances, we can help you in all the stages of the conception, the realization, and the acquisition of your property, in all serenity.
In relation with internationally renowned architects and project managers, our developments trigger real emotions for the individual.
The environmental aspect is very important to us, the modern houses are developed with a view to sustainability and low energy consumption.

Some of our references in Luxembourg:

• Luxembourg City the medieval district of the Grund: our Partners developed the entire Montée du Grund and partially the rue Plaetis in collaboration with the City and the Sites et Monuments
Hollerech 83 quarter
Strassen - Villa Black & White
Mondorf – Résidence Maxime
Project Bonne-voie among some undisclosed property projects

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